Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soccer Game

My co-worker, Ellen, and I had the opportunity to go to a soccer game a couple weekends ago. It was this special expat game where we only had to pay 12,000 won to get in and with the ticket, we got a hot dog and beer. I was REALLY excited for the hot dog. Unfortunately, it was a cold dog. However there was a very large container of beer to go with it, so I was alright with what I was given.

There were very  many exciting things about this soccer game that I would like to share with you.
1. It was at the world cup stadium. This place was HUGE. Seoul hosted the world cup in 2002 where Brazil beat Germany and South Korea came in 4th to Turkey.
2. There are cheerleaders for soccer. From what I've been told, every sport in Korea has cheerleaders. Soccer is certainly one of them. That was cool and kinda weird.
3. The fans were REALLY excited about this game, as I'm sure they are about every game. That was cool to see because you usually see that in most countries, but I wasn't sure what to expect of Korea.
4. I heard something about the number 1 team playing the number 2 team. I'm not sure if our team was one or two, and I'm not sure if this was the first or last game of the season. I'm also not really even sure where the other team was from. I'm pretty sure they were from Seoul as well, but then again, I never really know what's going on when it comes to things in Korea.
5. They had these really cool fan things that you hit instead of hitting your hands and it makes a sound that sounds like a clap but its really just paper hitting against itself. Quite convenient if you're wearing gloves because it's so cold out. Or if you only have one hand because you can just hit it on the chair in front of you.

The Fans

And their flags

Anyways, the soccer game was fun and not too freezing! Good little experiment and I got to see a new touristy type thing!

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