Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Cheer

So as I've said previously (I'm pretty sure I said it in my blog and not just to some of you here and there) I haven't found myself in much of the holiday spirits when it came to Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was beginning to fear the same would be true of Christmas since I'll be in the Philippines and all that. Then one Sunday, I made my way to emart, just to pick up some frosted flakes and yogurt, and I stumbled upon a 7 dollar 90 cm Christmas tree! I found this to be very strange since you can buy like a 8 inch p.o.s. 4 stand cardboard tree for like 15 bucks and a huge one is like 80. Even small inbetween ones run for like 30. This one I found was 7! So naturally, I bought it, bought a few ornaments, and went on my merry (Christmas) way. As soon as I got home, I decided I needed to set it up at that very moment, while listening to Christmas music. Very joyous things. And pretty much from that moment on, everything remotely Christmasy makes me beyond giddy.

Example 1: writing lesson plans for the week before Christmas break. Generally, writing lesson plans sucks. This time, it was extremely fun because everything, for all 4 of my classes, is Christmas related! HOORAY!

Example 2: The malls and plazas are decorated to the max with lights and awesomeness.

Example 3: The classrooms around school have been decorating slowly but surely and today, when there were very few people in the school and many of the hall lights were off, all the classrooms had a little string of lights that were glowing and flashing either on a tree, or decoration or something the kids made. It made me go awwwww.

Example 4: Finally wearing my Christmas sweater today.

Example 5: It snowed like 3 inches today! There's nothing like the first snow. There's also nothing like seeing 2 of my coworkers, who've never seen snow before, light up (and even cry) when seeing and experiencing their first snow. They got to experience their first snowball fight. They "got to" help the bus drivers shovel the driveway (yes, they really really wanted to help them shovel). And they got to slip and fall and experience the difficulty than can be walking in the snow.

Hooray for christmas spirit! I'd show you my tree but it's not exactly ready to be placed on the internet quite yet.

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