Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving in Korea

To sum up Thanksgiving in Korea very quickly; I ate apple pie.

I wanted to eat Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday like we would back home with my coworkers so I would not be alone, and still be enjoying a meal with people, even though the prospects for Thanksgiving dinner itself on Thursday in Seoul were pretty slim. Brigitte and I had plans to have Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with some new friends in Itaewon, but I still  needed to do something on Thursday. One of my coworkers talked to a fairly Americanized chain called Gekos and even though their English was very broken, they said something about a Thanksgiving Special. We thought we'd take our chances and go there to get some sort of Thanksgivingy dinner, and if not, we'd at least have dinner together.

When we got there there, we asked the waitress and she said " pie" and we said "Ok, we'll take the whole pie" even though there were only 2 of us sitting there at the time. She was very very confused and really didn't want to give us the whole pie. Later she came back and said "Only have 3 pie" so we said "Ok, we will take the 3 pieces of pie." We ordered our dinner, had our drinks and apple pie, and I, for one, was just as STUFFED as I would have been on Thanksgiving, even without the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

The even more unfortunate news was news I received at 6 am from Brigitte Saturday morning "I definitely have food poisoning." Well. No Thanksgiving dinner for us. Oh well.

Oh and I got to skype my family on Friday morning (which was actually Thanksgiving day back home) so overall, all was well.

Surprisingly I didn't feel like I missed out too much. As I was just telling Ali today, it often seems like dream, like the holidays aren't really happening. It's kind of like being home is what makes the holiday, and since I'm not there, it doesn't really matter. I see all that as a good thing, too, because it would kinda suck to be sitting around in Korea missing home and not having a good time, ya know?

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