Monday, October 14, 2013

Bangkok So Far

First we need to take a moment to talk about our taxi driver our first night from the airport to the hostel. Many was bat shit cray. Not sure what he was high on, but boy did he put on a show for us. He really wanted us to listen and dance with him to American music as he was driving us here. He put on his Harley Davidson hat and bumped the jams. Oh, and he was like 60 something. Also, he asked us our names and where we were from multiple times but by the time we left him, he was convinced that I was Mona Lisa and Brigitte was Whitney which then transferred to Whitney Houston.

Our hostel is pretty decent, not too much foreigner interaction, which is a bit sad for me. However last night we met some fascinating foreigners and I think I got my fill for a little while. Man some people are crazy.

Yesterday we visited the Grand Palace and another temple...Wat Pom maybe? Thailand likes really shiny things. That's the coolest part about the temples and palaces. They're sooooo shiny and interestingly put together. You can check out pictures on Facebook.

We learn something new every time we go somewhere. We're trying reaaaaaally hard not to get ripped off. We kinda did once, we paid 40 bhat for a boat ride to the palace instead of 15. But once we figured out which boat we were supposed to be on we were pretty solid from there on out. Except for the one time when we got off a boat at the wrong time. Good thing we're never really in a hurry for the next 6 weeks. Also figured out the subway so that's good too. Like I said, each time we figure out more and more about where we're going and how to get there. Which exits and stuff like that.

Yesterday was a very touristy day. Literally tourists everywhere (which is fine and what we completely expected). Today we want to go SHOPPING! So that's totally happening!

One last cultural note. If you are an older white male and you want a hot young wife, come to Thailand. I can't tell you how many adorable young Thai women I've seen with white older men. It's really blowing my mind a little and kinda grosses me out.

That's all. No pictures. Takes tooooo long on these slow computers. LOVE YOU ALL bye!

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