Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Pirate's Life

This weekend, Sara and I embarked on a pirate journey. We left Seoul on Friday night at about 11 pm and arrived at port at 5 am. This meant sleeping on the bus. Not easy. AND it meant we were forced to stay on the bus and sleep, or sleep outside when we arrived at port at 5 am until we could get on the boat at 9 am. Rough night, all in all about 3 hours of sleep. Then we got on the boat and took off on our pirating adventure. I'll give you some highlights from the trip, but not all the details because some things, well, ya just don't need to know about.

1. We had a makgeolli boat come and meet us and deliver us like 60 something bottles of makgeolli for the boat. That was pretty fantastic.
2. We went to an island that had dinosaurs on it at one point and you could see the dino tracks in the rocks.
3. We sailed around and jumped in the water.
4. We docked for the night on a different island than normal because of the typhoon headed towards Japan. It was making the waters a bit rougher than expected.
5. We went to try and explore and find another beach, failed. Whatever, still an adventure.
6. We bbqed delicious meat for dinner with our new friends.
7. There were games played that were quite enjoyable and help you get to know new people really quickly.
8. There were a couple rap battles.....although it was a bit of a fail on a couple of the battlers parts. But still humorous and entertaining none the less.
9. The next day we set sail again.
10. Swam some more
11. I got a LOT of sun this weekend.

I think this weekend was potentially the most fun I've had on a weekend in Korea. It's hard to say, because I've had many fantastic weekends. But this was definitely a cherry topper to the summer and to my trip in Korea. I met many new people, bonded with some old friends, and just had an overall grand ole time!

This is my darling friend, Sara, and her cat pillow. 

We had the option of sleeping in a tent on the cement, or on the boat, we went for boat. 

New friendsies. 

Yummy bbq dinner and soju. 

The Koreana

Dino print!

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