Friday, July 26, 2013

Birthday and Mudfest

I had the joy and pleasure of celebrating my birthday in Korea...and 3 times no less. First was the weekend before mudfest because I wanted to have a lovely night out in Hongdae. So we went out on a Saturday with approximately everyone I know in Korea. It was a lot of people. But it was a pretty good time.

The following weekend was my actual birthday. On Friday I celebrated with my kiddos at school. My lovely co-teacher took some pictures with my kids and I love you signs. It was pretty good fun. The kids are adorable, of course.

Then we also went out that night for Ellen's last night out at her all time favorite place in the world, Bunker. The bonus of going to Bunker was that at midnight, when it was my official birthday, I got a free bottle of champagne! Woot!

Then Saturday rolled around and it was time for Mudfest! Basically what Mudfest is, is a bunch of people playing in the mud. There are some giant tubs of mud you can use to paint it on one another, however when we tried those, they were empty. Then we had wrist bands to go inside. Imagine really big blow up toys (like bounce house style) but huge slides and obstacle courses and such...just COVERED in mud. The lines for all of those things were really long though, and my only desire was to get muddy so I could take a picture and then jump in the ocean. So Brigitte and I decide to go in the prison. Then they tell you to cover your eyes ears and mouth and they count down and then the dudes on the outside just splash mud allllll over you. Its a little frightening. We left the prison and thought that was sufficient. Come to find out the people on the other side didn't think so because I got tackled to the ground and everyone kicked mud on me as I assumed the fetal position. Finally it stopped. Someone pulled me up. And I was officially sufficiently muddy. After that scarring experience, I left the mud area, took a picture on the beach, and proceeded directly to the ocean. I think I had more fun in the ocean overall than in the mud. Oh it's also important to note that everyone walking around looked like aliens. It was really weird because you couldn't tell who was Asian, or white, or black, or any other anything...everyone was mud. And everyone had no hair and no eyebrows and just muddy gross everything. So strange. Also everyone wanted you to be muddy if you were not. I had many strangers hug me simply because I was clean. How kind. Oh and you could paint your body with colored mud so as to look like a warrior or something. I had trouble finding this mud, therefore never got around to doing that :( But it's ok because I got as much mud as I needed/wanted and I'm comfortable with that.

They also had a really cool air show! It lasted like an hour. But they had all these colored smokes and stuff. Did all these cool things. At night they had a firework show.

Throughout my college career, I never experienced the "spring break" that you see on MTV...but I can now officially say that I saw everything that one would expect to see at a college spring break (as opposed to my fantastic culturally enhancing and/or active spring breaks) in one day.

Overall mudfest was pretty fun. I'm glad to say I did it (it's a pretty big thing in Korea).

Sorry if this blog was a little scatter brained. I'm getting ready to go to Malaysia in 6 hours but I needed to write this blog so I have a fresh palate when I come home from my week long of adventuring in another country! Hooray!

Muddy aliens!

Giant mud slides.

The awesome beach

The scary prison. 

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