Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adventure Weekend!

Last weekend I went on an epic adventure. Here is what I did!

First we went bungee jumping!!!!!! 63 meters. Supposedly the tallest in Korea. It was scarrrrrry. I was expecting a bridge but that's not what happened. There were these crane like things and they carried us to the top. As I rode to the top with the instructor guy, in his actually impressive amount of English, he told me what to expect. He said, "We get to the top. I open the door. You step outside to end of platform. I will say look up. You look up. I will say arms out. You put your arms out. I will say 1, 2, 3 then you jump. You do like dive. Ok?" Me..."oooook....." Him "It's very fun" Me "I'm scared." Him "It's very fun." haha we didn't get very far there. Then we had some casual conversation...he lives in the town over there, and pointed. He has jumped hundreds of times. He tells me when I am waiting to get lowered I should bend in half and hug my legs. (Side note, you should know I was sitting down on a stool so I couldn't really see the height as we went up).

We got to the top. He said, "are you ready?" I said "uhhhh I guess." He opens the door. I can now see how far up we are and I whimper. He says step out. I take baby step. He says, "You need to step out further. One more step to be on edge." I say ok and timidly step out. I can't look down cuz if I do, there's no way this is happening. Although even looking out around me is super scary because I can still see how high up I am! Then he says "Look up!" (these people who worked here were very demanding..."STAND HERE" "WAIT THERE" we were like ok ok...but they were fun guys so it wasn't in a mean way) So I looked up. THen he said "Arms out" So I put my arms out. Then he said "1, 2, 3 jump" So I dive offffff the platform into the nothingness. I had the slightest moment of hesitation then instantly decided if I hesitated, I would never be able to do it, so off I went. The jump itself was fantastic. The build up was horrifying. But by far the worst part was after the bounce. It jostles you around and you body is all twisty and bendy it ways it shouldn't be. Not to mention you start spinning on that bungee AND you're hanging upside down. So no part of that is pleasing in the slightest. Everyone cheers like yay you did it! Then they lower you down. What a rush! Would I do it again? Honestly probably not by the ankle again just because it made me extremely nauseous and gave me an instant head ache. Would I do it by the waist? Absolutely because then you just kinda fly there afterwards, no pain to be had. Course no pain, no gain.

Next was off to the zip line. Originally I had paid to do it. Then when I saw that the course was like..20 feet off the ground and over a parking lot, I decided to sit this one out and get my money back (I've done zip lining before in a more awesome (in my opinion) location and setting). Watched as people zipped around.

Everyone got back and it was time for water rafting. I haven't been water rafting since like, loooong ago in my Cali days, almost too young to remember besides the fact that we almost died because we missed the "house the size of a rock" the guide told us we'd see and instead almost went over a huge waterfall. Not the case this time, we had a guide in our boat. Good thing because we got stuck at least 5 times and he had to pull us out. It was a fun experience. One part, we got to get out and swim. Sara and I pulled our instructor in the water because he kept trying to dunk us under from the safety of his boat. I decided no way jose and he was a victim of our wrath. Another point in the river, we stopped, turned a raft upside down on some boulders in them middle of the river, and used it as our personal spring board. That was cool. Last, we did some good old fashioned water boarding. Yes that's the torture method. We got off where there was some freezing cold spring water running down a little water fall. He grabbed our head and dunked us under. Don't was quite refreshing and enjoyable, and no, I didn't feel like I was going to die.

It was a day full of fun and adventure!

Day 2 was river trekking day! First we hiked up a steep steep hill for half an hour and sweated our booties off. Then we hiked down into the valley on the other side. Once we got there, we found the river! From that point on, we hiked along the river! Sometimes in the river, sometimes crossing the river, sometimes along the river. It was an overall fantastic day because every second of it reminded me of the good ole PNW and summers there. The hiking, the river, the cliff jumping, and the natural water slides. Not to mention the nature itself was very similar to PNW. But yes, we found a few boulders to jump off. Unfortunately I kicked a giant one when I was coming back up from my jump and I now have a huge bruise on my leg. It's ok though, bruises are fun! This trek took about 5 hours. 5 hours of outdoor awesomeness. We also found a couple natural water slides (although these ones have nothing on the ones up by priest lake in Idaho).

Good good times, new friends, and a weekend of greatly needed outdoor adventure in the sun.

Oh I forgot to tell you about my sunburns. Day one, I decided I didn't need sunscreen (also come to find out my sunscreen wasn't even water proof). So my arms, hands, and feet were burnt to a crisp. Thanks to my 2 lovely new roommates and their aloe, next day I was fine. Next day I decided to sunscreen it up. However I forgot about my upper back. I think I thought my backpack was covering it. Found out that night, that was not the case. Had a super stinger sunburn. Whoops. Its far no peeling and a super nice tan. At least 3 Koreans on Monday commented on my skin (remember they don't like tanness).

Here are some pictures:

This is how the weekend always starts...curled up on a bus. 

The rafting team. 

Us and our rafting leader. 

The boat turned diving board. 

Jumping boulder. 

Taking a swimming break. 

The bungeeeeeee. 

Gorgeous river to trek on!

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  1. OMG Love this story too! And BTW it was "rock as big as a house." Sorry you have your mother's curse of mixing words/ideas up. And I have to say I kept telling your father our "guide" that I thought we had gone too far and he insisted we hadn't come to the "rock as big as a house yet." Then when I heard the rushing water fall and saw the DANGER signs with skull and cross bow it was like we're getting the hell out of here NOW! What an adventure. And of course the tour company we rented the raft one wondered where we were because we should have been back hours ago. Also agree with the Ziplining. Wallace, North Idaho tree tops is a much better and exciting experience than a parking lot. So glad you are getting to get outside in nature and have some good ole PNW fun!