Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Move and Unfortunate Illness

I have been sick for the last 4 weeks. I know what you're probably weren't THAT sick...but here's the thing: my illness kept me out of the gym for FOUR WEEKS. First, I had an illness and finally went to the doctor on Thursday and he was like "It's a viral infection, no antibiotics, but I want to check you swollen thyroid for bad things. I give you free ultra sound." Well free ultra sound, that's cool. Potential issues with my thyroid? Not so cool. So yes, I had my first ultra sound ever, all to find out that the skin that surrounds my thyroid is just thicker than most peoples, nothing to worry about. He prescribes me some meds for 3 days. Well those are gone on like, Sunday. Wednesday my illness starts to change. Thursday, around 2pm I feel myself getting a fever. I take some Ibuprofen and carry on with teaching. I keep taking it the rest of the evening because I keep feeling the chills come back. Then around 3 am I wake up with an insane know the kind where you're freezing cold but your skin could melt off? Yeah. I had already taken Nyquil and Ibuprofen so I didn't know what to do. Thankfully, Doctor Dad helped his poor ill daughter out from across the globe and an hour later my fever broke and I went back to sleep. Naturally, Friday morning I went into the clinic again and this time he gave me 5 days of antibiotics. I had a fever the next 4 days. :( Not fun, especially when you have to move to a new apartment during that time period. I went back the following Thursday (again!) because he originally told me if I wasn't feeling better half way through the pack, to come back for more (clearly I wasn't since I had a fever 4 of those 5 days). He gave me 5 more days of pills and tonight at dinner time, I shall be finished! WOOOO. Healthy once more. Enough so to try out the new crossfit gym tonight. They offer 2 classes. One is a beach body class and the other is crossfit. Tonight I did beach body because I was quite intimidated by the pictures I saw of the crossfit and the people who were doing it the day before who were randomly running up and down the busy Jukjeon road as I was walking to work on report cards at 900 last night. Anyways, regardless of how sore beach body makes me, I think I'm going to try crossfit tomorrow because the classes are free this week and then I can decide which one I want to be in.

As for the move. Even though I was sick, I had 4 of my coworkers helping me move and a car and we got it all moved from one place to the other in less than 50 minutes. I was very impressed. After that, my feverish self rested a bit before going to get a couch I had found on craigslist with my friend, Jason. We drove to the girls house (who happened to be a friend of Tiffany's who I'd met once before in Mammoth...random tidbit that shows how small this world is) and got the couch, hoping it would fit in the car and not be too difficult to get into my apartment. Fortunately, both worked out perfectly! The only casualty from the move was poor Jose Cuervo. He took a crash on the ground and broke, spilling tequila all over the cement :( This Jose had a special place in my heart because I bought him in Korea, took him to the Philippines, brought him back to Korea, and then had him ever since. And he just died. So suddenly. With so much life left to live. We will forever mourn your death, Jose.

Here are a few pictures of my apartment, before I moved in, once everything was moved but I was too sick to unpack, and after most of the unpacking was done.

An unfortunate change from my awesome shower to this little guy that doesn't stay warm for more than 30 seconds :(

But a normal toilet seat!!

R.I.P Jose

The couch BARELY fit in Jason's car. Although it makes a perfect bed! Camping trip? 


I have a couch!!!


  1. WHAT your place looks great! Is it still on Cafe street??

    1. I live like one block out of Cafe street now. Not to shabby and it's certainly a bigger place than I had before!