Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Few Updates On my Life

Hello All. I just thought you might enjoy a few updates on how my life is over here in never never land where time flies so quick you don't even know what is happening.

For starters, I got a new co-teacher this week. My beloved previous co-teacher said goodbye to the kids on Monday, which gave Sara (the newb) one day to learn the ropes before diving head first into new water. Now I'm still not sure about Sara's teaching history, only because I have asked, but I think this week was quite a struggle. She's a trooper though and didn't let it get her too down. Although the management was hard for her (heck, I remember my first day teaching at this school and I had TWO WEEKS to observe before I started teaching) she was able to do it. It just made for a slightly scatter brained week. I realized how much Rhonda did and how much I've leaned on the fact that there are two of us prepping, lesson planning, and teaching because when all of a sudden there was just one of me trying to remember everything we needed and running all the routines and trying to manage the class at the same time. But have no fear, Sara is picking up on stuff, learning names, and figuring it out! Woo!

In other news, last night we celebrated our friend, Armando's birthday. For such event, we went to a wine buffet. That's right folks, all you can drink wine and appetizers for a whopping 35 dollas! The food was absolutely DELICIOUS and the wine was endless, at least from 6-9.  I think overall Armando had a good birthday and we all enjoyed celebrating it with him.

Today I'm on a journey to Itaewon. I've been there maybe twice, but I haven't really explored it. For those of you who don't know, it's a fairly Americanized area of Seoul. I'm really going go do a little shopping with a few of my co-workers/friends on a mission to find something very specific (more to come on this later). Wish me luck!

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