Saturday, October 6, 2012

Too Many People, Awesome Fireworks

This blog post is mostly a video. Click the picture of me and Brigitte at this crazy event to watch and hear about it from the mouths of babes.

We're exhausted and pushed around and probably have 5 diseases because of that subway station. 

There were literally millions of people here. And we rode the subway with them.

Cool fireworks. There were 4 different shows at the International Fireworks Festival. We didn't know until we got back. We only saw the Italian and Chinese shows. Still an hour of fireworks and awesomeness.

Which makes sense why there were still this many people coming as we were leaving. The American and Korean shows had yet to come. 


  1. Loved the video! That is a crazy amount of people. Glad you are experiencing so much.
    Take care,

  2. The video was great! You two make a good team telling stories and very entertaining. haha. Fireworks sound awesome even though you had to deal with so many people!